Prof. Dr. habil. Philipp Babilas

Professor Babilas founded the SKIN CENTRE REGENSBURG in 2014. His goal is to establish a center for all aspects of skin in which the patient is in the center of all planning and action.

Professor Babilas studied human medicine at RWTH Aachen and Tulane University, New Orleans, USA, and wrote his dissertation at the Department of Dermatology, RWTH Aachen. In 2001 he started his clinical-dermatological work at the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital Regensburg. Since 2007 he has been working as a specialist for skin and venereal diseases and allergology. In 2008 he was habilitated, in 2009 he was appointed as a senior physician, in 2013 he was appointed as a professor-at-large. As part of his university clinical work, Mr. Professor Babilas was the senior physician of the dermatological outpatient department and the allergy department. Special focal points of work make laser therapy and dermatological cancer therapy. In these areas, Mr. Babilas published over 100 professional articles and book chapters. His work resulted in numerous prizes and awards.

Mr. Babilas is a frequently invited speaker at national and international congresses and symposia. He is a lecturer in Aesthetic Medicine (Diploma in Aesthetic Laser Medicine, DALM) at the University of Greifswald.

Mr. Professor Babilas is appointed as a court expert for dermatological expert examination. He is a qualified member of numerous professional associations, among them German Dermatological Society, German Society for Dermatosurgery (Speaker Department of Laser and Light Therapy), German Dermatological Laser Society, German Society for Augmentation and Fat Transfer, German Society for Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy, Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League (founding member).

Mr. Babilas is married and has three children.