Aesthetic Medicine - Holistic approach

The aesthetic medicine is priority of treatment at the SKIN CENTRE REGENSBURG. A variety of effective and scientifically proven therapies are available to us in this field. Classic areas of application here are fine or deep facial wrinkles as well as static wrinkles, dryness wrinkles, volume loss, skin with coarse pores, scaly or dry skin, skin irregularities, scars, pigmentation disorders, age spots and the like. The refreshing of tired, dull skin is a frequently requested therapy.

During an introductory appointment, your skin type and skin condition will be analyzed first, and your individual expectations and wishes will be discussed. Based on this, we will compose a therapeutic concept together with you. Experience has shown that often different, mutually complementary measures lead to the best results most gently. For example, the application of botulinum toxin and fillers may be supplemented with peelings, laser therapy or microneedling, the intensity of which can be varied depending on your goals. The additional use of mesotherapy or serum applications may be useful depending on skin type and therapeutic goal. The program will be rounded off on request by a hormonal anti-aging therapy and nutritional advice. Through this strictly arranged and multi-layered holistic approach, we gently achieve a natural, to overall appearance fitting result.

In the adjoining menu you will find further information about the individual therapeutic procedures that we offer at the SKIN CENTRE REGENSBURG.