Almost every second German suffers from an allergy, every fifth suffers from hay fever. Thus, allergological diseases are a common disease.

In our allergological consultation we devote much time to your medical history, because here are usually hidden the most important clues to the triggering allergens. We perform all common skin test procedures (prick test, intracutaneous, epicutaneous test) and supplement them with laboratory procedures (serum diagnostics, specific antibodies). If necessary, we arrange individual tests with you which help us during the diagnosis.

Today, allergology offers us a variety of modern therapies that can very often provide relief or even cure. All scientifically proven procedures are established in the SCIN CENTRE REGENSBURG. Hyposensitizations are used as subcutaneous or sublingual immunotherapy. In addition, depending on the individual symptoms, we also use acupuncture to treat allergic diseases. We attach great importance to the training and education of our patients.

The diseases treated in the SCIN CENTRE REGENSBURG include pollen allergy, house dust mite allergy, insect venom allergy, hay fever, food allergy, drug allergy, contact allergy and others.